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"I paint therefore I am"

Chuck Greenwood, Founder - Professional Paint Team

About Us

We specialize working on Residential Individual projects or entire HOA Communities, Monuments, Community Centers, Walls and Iron work. We have Superior Preparation, Exceptional Paint Applications and we Repair, Stucco Masonry or Block, Wood, Metal/Iron, & Drywall. Also offering great Roof Coating Service's to improve insulation of your home.

Sea Green Painting provides Quality Products from Reputable Suppliers. we have a Strong and long standing relationship with our Manufacturer's/Distributors, Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards.  These distributors have ample store locations through out the Tucson area making it easy to access for our Customers to choose their colors and finishes for their surface painting.  They cater well to the Residential Communities and are in line with our goal of providing optimal Customer Service to each and every Customer. 

We always provide High Quality Products and provide the Appropriate Paint Systems for the Southwest.  In providing the latest innovations in paint system technology the process provides you the best results on your investment.  Bringing Nano-technology to the forefront, Coating products that have the highest protection for your surfaces.  Advanced Thermal insulation Roof Coating reducing energy bills, Wood Shield and Coating for natural wood surfaces, Hydrophobic coating for Stone and Porous surfaces, LumActivn coating breaks down volatile organic pollutants. Rust Protector's one the most advanced DTM (direct to metal) rust inhibitors. These are just a few of the innovative technologies that assist in bringing longevity to our Customers Investments.  

We are a Team of Professionals counted on for over 25 years.


Our exceptional talented Paint Technicians and Crew Leaders, whom have been with us for 15 to 20 years, are always providing Quality Craftsmanship. As a Team we all focus on Good Work Ethics and assure we are handling each project with Careful Consideration. Our Superior Preparation and Application process will help maintain your investment and is a key factor for all paint jobs.  We always Keep our High Standards of Performance, always Power Washing, Filling in Cracks, Scraping and Brushing for wood preparation, Sanding and Priming Metal's and is always part of the job. If the project requires extensive Repairs in Dry Wall and Stucco Repairs, we assign our Key Speciality Techs for the jobs to assure the project is done efficiently and correctly. 

Our key objective is to provide you with satisfying end results, delivering neat and clean performance with every job large or small.  

Licensed, Insured and Bonded. Experience Superior work with Great Warranties. Join our list of Satisfied Customers!


We pride ourselves as a Honest Painting Contractor in Tucson, providing competitive pricing.  Our referrals and repeat business with HOA's, Realtors, and Residential and Commercial Customers has contributed to our success and we consider them part of our family.  Today we continue receiving service request from our Loyal Customers.  We do hope you will kindly consider us for your next Bid Request or Job in Exterior, Interior, and Custom finishes, Iron railing & View Fencing, or wall painting projects.  We do offer within the scope of work stucco, wood repair, drywall, texturing and roof coating for your projects. 

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Send us an email for an Estimate on your next project or your next HOA bid.

520-331-2960 Thank you for considering us!

We truly appreciate your business and the consistent referrals we have received though out the years  We look forward to servicing all New Customers and Returning Customers. We Promise never to Disappoint!

Thank You, Chuck and Maritza Greenwood & Thomas Nuanes, Owners.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  We carry a $1,000,000.00 General Commercial Liability Insurance and all of our workers are covered by State of Arizona workmens's compensation fund.

Sea Green Painting, LLC

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